Kindly be advised that our firm, Weitz DPR, is pleased to offer a recommendation for the excellent results provided by Architecture MetalsĀ Ltd.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Architecture Metals Ltd. on the Scripps Project. The success of this job was not only attributed to the experienced and courteous staff, but also to the superior product provided and their attention to details. We purchased a number of different products from Architecture Metals Ltd. and our experience was very positive, that I would highly recommend them to any other general contractor.

Architecture Metals is an experienced company, not just in the engineering and design field, but in their planning, installation and construction management. I feel fortunate to have included Architecture Metals Ltd. on this project, and I am confident that other general contractors will come to the same conclusion. Architecture Metals Ltd. has become a valuable asset to the construction field.

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Frank Walls, Project Superintentendent, The Scripps Research Institute Project