Custom Metals

Custom shapesWe offer a complete selection of architectural metal products. We aim to be your one-stop-shop for all commercial building architectural metals including:

  • Column covers (05586)‏
  • UNA-CLAD- wall panel systems (07415)‏
  • Railings, gates and metal staircase railings
  • Ornamental metals:
    • interior ornamental metals: Aluminum and stainless steel fixtures, decorative features, cladding
    • exterior ornamental metals: Custom stainless steel rail, entry features, cladding, specialty metals, spires
  • Trellis systems
  • Entry canopies
  • Grilles
  • Eye brows
  • Sun shades

Quality Custom Work in Special Steel and Aluminum: In today's fast-paced industry, even with the depth and scope of our standard lines, the need for customization is constant. Flexible manufacturing techniques, exceptional product knowledge and innovative designs allow Architecture Metals to meet these dynamic challenges on a regular basis. Complimenting building architecture and satisfying environmental demands is paramount in every design.